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Why Alex Shelley Chose Wrestling Over Coaching at WWE

WWE Show (Via WWE/Twitter)

Many wrestlers transition into behind-the-scenes roles post their in-ring careers. Alex Shelley, known for his time in various wrestling promotions, including New Japan Wrestling and Ring of Honor, shared insights into his decision not to accept a coaching position while still actively wrestling.

In a recent interview, Shelley revealed that despite a coaching offer from WWE after a brief coaching stint at the Performance Center in Orlando, he declined to continue wrestling. At 34-35 years old, he was eager to return to wrestling, enjoying the experience and the opportunity to contribute to others’ growth in the industry.

Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

Following his refusal, Shelley teamed up with Kushida for a match on NXT, later participating in two live events in January 2020. Despite only one televised appearance, Shelley fondly recalls his time at NXT, praising WWE’s treatment of its athletes. He expressed gratitude for the positive experience and the respect shown towards the wrestlers during his time there. Despite discussions with WWE during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shelley decided against a more significant commitment to the company, feeling it wasn’t the right time for a major life decision.

Reflecting on his interactions with WWE, Shelley emphasized the company’s professionalism and treatment of its talent. He continues to look back on his time at NXT with appreciation and respect for the opportunities provided. Fans are encouraged to share their favorite Alex Shelley moments and engage in discussions around his career.

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