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Triple H’s Impact on WWE Commentary: Corey Graves Speaks Out

Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

In July 2022, Triple H stepped into the role of WWE’s creative figurehead, taking over from Vince McMahon. In a recent interview, Corey Graves, now the lead announcer for SmackDown, shed light on a significant change implemented by Triple H since assuming this new position.

During McMahon’s reign as WWE Chairman, commentators like Graves received meticulous instructions through their headsets during live shows. Graves disclosed to Bill Apter that Triple H has ushered in an era of increased freedom for commentators, allowing them to express themselves more authentically. The seasoned announcer praised Triple H’s deep-rooted understanding of wrestling history and his refreshing approach to the business.

Unlike the past micromanagement under McMahon’s regime, WWE commentators now enjoy a newfound autonomy. Graves emphasized that talents, including himself and Michael Cole, no longer face the same level of constant oversight. While guidelines remain in place, the environment is more conducive to individual expression and creativity.

Triple H, Lynch, and McMahon (Via WWE/Twitter)

Having worked with Triple H during his NXT days before transitioning to the main roster, Graves expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him by The Game. He highlighted Triple H’s empowering leadership style, which encourages individuals to showcase their unique talents, whether in commentary or match planning. This approach marks a departure from McMahon’s more directive style, allowing for a collaborative and evolving dynamic within the team.

Looking ahead, Graves anticipates continued growth and improvement under Triple H’s guidance. The shift towards a more collaborative and trust-based environment signals an exciting era for WWE as a whole. Additionally, Graves shared a personal update on his wife, Carmella, following the birth of their first child together, adding a personal touch to the professional insights he provided in the interview.

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