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WWE Raw: Lin-Manuel Miranda Surprises Fans with Golden Championship Appearance

WWE RAW Arena (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE has been grabbing headlines worldwide, especially with The Rock’s return to the promotion. However, another big name made an appearance on RAW, adding to the buzz. The company has a knack for making waves in mainstream media by sharing replica belts with successful sports teams, garnering exposure through their generosity. Lin-Manuel Miranda, known for his work in Hamilton and Percy Jackson and the Olympians, was seen backstage at the event.

In recent years, WWE has introduced the Golden Championship, a title shared with various celebrities. From Snoop Dogg to Justin Bieber, top names have held this prestigious title and flaunted it at significant events, adding to the glamour. During the latest RAW episode, Lin-Manuel Miranda made a grand entrance backstage carrying the coveted Golden Championship with him. His purposeful stride hinted at a specific agenda for his presence at the show.


As fans speculate about Miranda’s role in the RAW episode, his unexpected appearance with the Golden Championship has stirred excitement and curiosity. Will he be more than just a spectator? WWE’s strategy of involving celebrities in their events continues to attract attention and keep fans engaged. The mix of entertainment, sports, and celebrity culture on display creates a unique blend that appeals to a wide audience, further solidifying WWE’s position in pop culture.

The fusion of Hollywood and wrestling worlds, exemplified by celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda, not only boosts the star power of WWE events but also diversifies their fan base. With each celebrity appearance, the promotion gains new followers and maintains relevance in the ever-evolving entertainment terrain. Miranda’s presence with the Golden Championship adds a touch of glamour and intrigue to the RAW episode, leaving fans eager to witness what unfolds next on this exciting crossover platform.

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