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Jeff McNeil and Rhys Hoskins Get into A Heated Argument During Mets Vs. Brewers

Mets Vs. Brewers (Via NFL/Twitter)

Rhys Hoskins wasted no time stirring up controversy with the New York Mets, despite being on a different team in a distinct division.

In the season opener at Citi Field, Hoskins, now playing for the Milwaukee Brewers but previously known for his provocations during his Phillies days in the NL East, ignited a heated moment during the game’s eighth inning.

During a potential double-play ball, Hoskins slid forcefully into second baseman Jeff McNeil, prompting tempers to flare.

Rhys Hoskins (Via NFL/Twitter)

McNeil expressed his frustration after Milwaukee’s 3-1 victory, stating, “Just a late slide.

We’ve had a little bit of a past, so I knew there was a chance that he’d be coming in like that.”

Hoskins defended his slide, claiming he kept his cleats down and believed McNeil’s reaction was exaggerated. Despite the heated exchange, both teams remained separated, and no further altercations occurred.

McNeil mentioned Hoskins’ history of questionable slides at second base, implying a possibility of such actions.

Jeff McNeil (Via NFL/Twitter)

However, he acknowledged the legality of the slide and expressed no desire for retribution during the remainder of the series.

The Mets challenged the play, citing a slide violation, but the call stood after a replay review.

Mets manager Carlos Mendoza acknowledged the legality of the slide, mentioning the history between the players as a factor in the heated exchange.

Despite the tensions, both sides aimed to focus on playing good baseball and winning the series, leaving the incident behind them.

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