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The End of an Era for Eric Bischoff’s Podcast

Eric Bischoff (Via WWE/Twitter)

Eric Bischoff’s widely praised podcast, “Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff,” is wrapping up in the next few days. Known for his pivotal role in elevating WCW to its peak, Bischoff has been imparting his wrestling industry insights through the podcast for the past two years. Nonetheless, the show is poised to become a part of history soon.

Co-host Jon Alba took to his Twitter account to disclose the reason behind the sudden conclusion. He attributed Bischoff’s packed schedule as the primary factor. “Unfortunately, this week’s episode of Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff will be the last edition of the podcast. Eric’s schedule is loaded these days, and for good reasons, he’ll be putting his efforts into other endeavors,” he explained.

Eric Bischoff and Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

Alba expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with the former RAW General Manager over the past two years, highlighting the enriching conversations they’ve had. Bischoff initiated the podcast in April 2022 to go into his perspectives on the history, current terrain, and future trajectory of professional wrestling. Renowned for his candid remarks, the former RAW GM’s podcast swiftly gained prominence, evolving into a must-watch show online. Presently, the podcast boasts 109,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In response to the news about Eric Bischoff’s podcast concluding, Tony Khan, the figure behind All Elite Wrestling (AEW), seized the moment to take a dig at Bischoff. Khan, known for his ongoing feud with Bischoff, didn’t miss the chance to fire back at the WWE Hall of Famer with a cutting remark on Twitter. “Sunsetting this fraud of a business podcast before the next AEW media deal is a wise choice,” Khan remarked.

Nonetheless, Bischoff didn’t stay silent in the face of Khan’s provocation. It remains to be seen what lies ahead for the former Senior Vice-President of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) following the closure of his podcast.

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