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Rey Mysterio’s Potential Alliance Shift in WWE SmackDown 2024

Rey Mysterio (Via WWE/Twitter)

Tonight on SmackDown, Dominik Mysterio surprisingly interfered in Rey Mysterio’s match against Santos Escobar, leading to Rey’s defeat. Post-match, Santos and Dominik appeared to join forces, hinting at a possible alliance for the night. However, Rey is now contemplating the need to forge his own alliance, especially with the escalating rivalry against Santos and Legado Del Fantasma after previously being sidelined by Escobar.

Considering potential allies, Andrade El Idolo emerges as a compelling option for the veteran luchador. Andrade’s recent return to WWE and his interactions with The Judgment Day backstage suggest a storyline that could pivot towards a partnership with Rey. The dynamics between Andrade, Rey, and the ongoing conflict with The Judgment Day present a charming narrative arc for the WWE audience.

Rey Mysterio (Via WWE/Twitter)

The prospect of a tag team match involving all four Latino superstars holds promise. With Rey in dire need of support, aligning with Andrade could introduce an intriguing twist in the ongoing saga. While The Judgment Day has hinted at recruiting Andrade, his ambiguous response leaves room for speculation, potentially setting the stage for a dramatic turn of events.

Andrade’s expressed interest in teaming up with Rey adds an emotional layer to the storyline. His admiration for Rey’s legacy and the desire to learn from the luchador, as showcased in past interactions, could culminate in a formidable partnership. The possibility of Andrade and Rey teaming up against Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio adds depth to the evolving narrative within WWE SmackDown 2024, promising exciting developments for fans.

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