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John Cena’s Oscars Antics: A Wrestling Veteran’s Take

John Cena and Logan Paul (Via WWE/Twitter)

During the 96th Academy Awards, John Cena made a bold entrance, seemingly unclothed except for an envelope concealing certain areas, while announcing the Best Costume Design award. This unforgettable moment quickly became the talk of the town, sparking discussions and amusement among viewers and attendees alike.

In a recent episode of his Story Time with Dutch Mantell podcast, wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell, also known as Zeb Colter in the WWE, delved into Cena’s unexpected display at the Oscars 2024. Mantell acknowledged that the 16-time World Champion’s act had certainly caused a stir, labeling it as a rare spectacle unlikely to be repeated. When questioned about his own willingness to pull off a similar stunt, Mantell teasingly responded, “I might.”

Reflecting on Cena’s unconventional appearance at the Oscars, Mantell shared on his podcast, “John Cena, I don’t know whose idea this was, but he brought the envelope out. And he was totally naked, and it was like a big envelope-sized letter over his private areas, and he was naked. He did get a lot of talk. How many times you see that? Probably never. And you’ll probably never see John Cena like this again.”

The Rock and John Cena (Via Twitter)

John Cena’s unexpected cameo at the Oscars has set tongues wagging, with many dubbing it as one of the most viral moments of 2024 so far. Another wrestling icon, Bill Apter, added his voice to the discussion during an episode of Wrestling’s The Wrestling Time Machine podcast. Apter found Cena and Jimmy Kimmel’s on-stage banter highly entertaining, emphasizing the humor and surprise factor of the segment.

As the journey to WrestleMania XL gains momentum, the wrestling world eagerly anticipates whether John Cena will make a grand appearance at the prestigious event. With Cena’s recent antics at the Oscars still fresh in people’s minds, the crossover between wrestling and mainstream entertainment continues to charm audiences. For more insights, tune in to Story Time with Dutch Mantell and remember to credit both the podcast and Wrestling when referencing the quotes.

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