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Drew Mcintyre Struggles with Hearing Issues and Physical Toll Ahead of WrestleMania 40

Drew McIntyre (Via WWE/Twitter)

Drew McIntyre, currently excelling as a top villain on RAW, recently shared his struggles with hearing problems that have worsened after a recent match. His triumph in the Men’s Elimination Chamber has set him up for a showdown against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40 for the World Heavyweight Championship. Despite his success, McIntyre admitted feeling physically drained after the intense Chamber Match in Perth, Australia, where he endured significant falls alongside other wrestlers like Randy Orton and Bobby Lashley.

In an interview, McIntyre revealed his ongoing battle with hearing impairment, aggravated by a popped eardrum during the Chamber bout. He shared how he unknowingly learned to lip-read to cope with his hearing issues, relying on it for effective communication.

Drew McIntyre (Via WWE/Twitter)

The former WWE Champion recounted a test with an ear specialist that highlighted his reliance on lip-reading, showcasing the extent of his hearing struggles. McIntyre expressed frustration at not being able to hear well, emphasizing the challenges it poses in his daily life and interactions.

Looking ahead to WrestleMania 40, McIntyre is gearing up to face Seth Rollins, aiming to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship. Despite his focus on Rollins, he hasn’t forgotten about his rivalry with CM Punk, engaging in social media banter and on-screen jabs with his longtime foe. The WWE Universe eagerly anticipates McIntyre’s clash with Rollins at WrestleMania 40, wondering if this match will mark a triumphant return to the pinnacle of the wrestling world for the Scottish powerhouse. The outcome remains uncertain, adding to the suspense and excitement surrounding McIntyre’s upcoming championship bout.

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