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Angel And Berto Of Legado Del Fantasma Clash With Cruz Del Toro And Joaquin Wilde Of The LWO On Smackdown For WrestleMania XL Qualifier

WWE SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

This week on SmackDown, Angel and Berto from Legado Del Fantasma faced off against Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde of the LWO in a thrilling qualifying match for the six-pack challenge Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship ladder match at WrestleMania XL. The action kicked off with Cruz Del Toro and Berto in the ring, showcasing their skills as they exchanged moves. Angel was then tagged in by Berto, and the duo executed a powerful double-team move, with Angel even resorting to choking Cruz with the top rope. However, Del Toro fought back, taking out Berto with a well-timed kick and a hurricanrana.

The momentum shifted as Wilde entered the match, teaming up with Cruz Del Toro to unleash a flurry of attacks on Legado Del Fantasma, including a double superkick, dropkick, and suicide dive. Cruz Del Toro wowed the audience with a moonsault in the ring, nearly securing a pinfall. Despite their efforts, Angel and Berto managed to regain control, slamming Cruz to the mat after a dramatic toss from the top rope. Del Toro then stunned Berto with a standing Spanish Fly before both teams made crucial tags.

WWE SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

Wilde and Toro continued their assault, hitting Angel with a double dropkick and Berto with a neckbreaker. Angel found himself on the receiving end of a superkick followed by a devastating tornado DDT. However, in a surprising turn of events, Legado Del Fantasma rallied back, unleashing a powerful double-team finishing move to secure the victory. Their triumph sets them up to face the formidable team of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate in the upcoming SmackDown match, marking the beginning of an intense tournament journey.

The clash between these talented tag teams left fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the high-stakes battles to come as the road to WrestleMania XL unfolds. Stay tuned for more electrifying action and fierce competition in WWE.

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