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The Rock’s Post-WrestleMania XL Plans and Heated Rivalry with Cody Rhodes Shake Up WWE

The Rock and Drew McIntyre (Via WWE/Twitter)

The Rock portrays a compelling heel character in WWE alongside Roman Reigns, but fans may be disheartened by his post-WrestleMania XL plans. Initially set to challenge Reigns for the title, The Rock’s position was overtaken by Cody Rhodes, leading to a surprising alliance within the Bloodline. WrestleMania XL will see The Rock and Reigns team up against Seth Rollins and Rhodes, impacting the latter’s title aspirations. Reports from PW Insider hint at The Rock’s upcoming film project, “The Smashing Machine,” which will commence shooting post-WrestleMania XL, potentially limiting his physical involvement in WWE.

Recent events on WWE SmackDown stirred controversy as Cody Rhodes unexpectedly slapped The Rock during a heated moment. The altercation stemmed from comments made by the former WWE Champion regarding Rhodes’ family, specifically alluding to his older siblings and implying Cody as a mistake by Dusty Rhodes.

The Rock (Via WWE/Twitter)

The tension escalated as Rhodes retaliated with the unexpected slap, leaving viewers speculating about the aftermath as the show concluded abruptly. Despite the cliffhanger, glimpses on social media platforms offered a glimpse of the unfolding drama between the two wrestling icons.

The Rock’s shifting priorities and the brewing conflict with Cody Rhodes add layers of intrigue to the WWE narrative, charming audiences with unexpected twists and personal vendettas. As WrestleMania XL approaches, the dynamics within the Bloodline and the looming film project for The Rock contribute to the suspense surrounding his future in professional wrestling. With fans eagerly anticipating the tag team showdown and the repercussions of the SmackDown confrontation, the WWE universe is brimming with anticipation and speculation.

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