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Cody Rhodes Could Turn Heel After WrestleMania 40 Victory

Cody Rhodes and WWE Championship (Via WWE/Twitter)

As WrestleMania 40 approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating Cody Rhodes’ showdown with Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Despite falling short last year, Cody is poised to make history and claim the gold this time. Kevin Sullivan, a WCW veteran, recently proposed a bold idea on his Taskmaster podcast, suggesting that Cody could turn heel after winning the championship, shocking viewers and potentially shifting the narrative.

Sullivan highlighted Cody’s current sympathetic portrayal, drawing on his father Dusty’s struggles and the fans’ overwhelming support. He theorized that Cody’s betrayal post-victory could generate intense backlash, transforming him into a despised figure in the wrestling world.

Paul Heyman and Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

Meanwhile, Vince Russo, in a contrasting view on the Busted Open podcast, argued that Cody is already a heel despite his babyface persona. Russo claimed that Cody’s connection with a specific fanbase painted him as a hero, while to the casual audience, he embodies a heel persona.

The dichotomy between these perspectives adds an intriguing layer to Cody’s character development, raising questions about his future trajectory in WWE. While some view him as a hero on the cusp of greatness, others see a potential villain waiting to emerge. Whether Cody embraces a full-fledged heel persona remains uncertain, but for now, he continues to enjoy widespread adoration from a significant portion of WWE’s fanbase, setting the stage for a compelling narrative shift in the near future.

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