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Trish Stratus Believes Becky Lynch Should Dethrone Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 40

Batista and Trish Stratus (Via WWE/Twitter)

Trish Stratus, a legendary figure in WWE, recently shared her thoughts on the upcoming WrestleMania 40 showdown between Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley. According to Stratus, Lynch, also known as The Man, needs to clinch the victory and claim the WWE Women’s World Champion title. Stratus emphasized Lynch’s relentless work ethic and her ability to excel against a diverse range of opponents, making a strong case for her championship win at the grand event.

Despite rooting for Lynch, Stratus expressed her reservations about seeing Rhea Ripley lose her title. She acknowledged the challenge of balancing her support for Lynch with her appreciation for Ripley’s current reign as the champion. Stratus hinted at closely observing the unfolding events to possibly shape her opinions and future ideas regarding the championship scene in WWE’s women’s division.

Becky Lynch (Via WWE/Twitter)

As the WrestleMania event approaches, Becky Lynch faces a potential obstacle in the form of Liv Morgan. Recent developments have seen Lynch and Morgan engaging in confrontations, with each trying to gain an upper hand. Speculations suggest that Liv Morgan might enter the mix and disrupt the highly anticipated match between Lynch and Ripley. If this scenario unfolds, it could pose a significant threat to Rhea Ripley’s championship reign, introducing a new layer of uncertainty to the title picture.

The upcoming episode of Monday Night RAW promises an intense showdown between Lynch and Morgan, fueling further speculation about the direction of the women’s title chase leading to WrestleMania XL. With the possibility of a triple threat match looming, fans are left to ponder the potential outcomes and the impact on Rhea Ripley’s historic championship reign. The evolving dynamics between Lynch, Ripley, and Morgan set the stage for a compelling narrative as WrestleMania draws near, adding intrigue and unpredictability to the women’s division storyline.

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