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WWE Superstar La Knight Loses Momentum According To Former Writer Vince Russo

LA Knight (Via WWE/Twitter)

LA Knight, once a favorite among fans, faced Roman Reigns in a singles match at Crown Jewel 2023, showcasing immense fan support. Despite this, his momentum seems to have dwindled since then. He consistently competes in top card matches against other prominent superstars but faced interference from AJ Styles during the Men’s Elimination Chamber match, preventing him from securing a victory.

Vince Russo, a former WWE writer, expressed his lack of enthusiasm for a potential singles match between Styles and Knight at WrestleMania XL. He suggested a ladder match for the WWE United States Championship involving both AJ Styles and LA Knight, emphasizing the excitement and dynamic action such a match could bring.

LA Knight (Via WWE/Twitter)

In a recent discussion on Writing With Russo, Vince Russo appeared to believe that LA Knight has lost some of his charisma, contrasting him with the marketability of Logan Paul. Russo hinted at the potential value of incorporating Logan Paul into the storyline for added appeal and engagement from the audience.

Vince Russo made an intriguing prediction regarding WrestleMania XL during an episode of Wrestling Outlaws. He speculated that post-event press conferences, a staple of WWE events, might be phased out after WrestleMania, marking the end of this tradition in the wrestling industry.

As Vince Russo’s forecast unfolds in the upcoming weeks, the future of post-event press conferences in WWE remains uncertain. The wrestling community eagerly anticipates whether his prediction will materialize, potentially altering the terrain of WWE events in the near future.

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