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Major Brands Flock to Super Bowl for Big-Time Advertising Spots

Kansas City Chiefs (Via Kansas City Chiefs/Twitter)

As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII, a who’s who of major food, tech, and entertainment brands are shelling out big bucks for advertising spots. With over 100 million viewers expected to tune in, the stakes are high for companies looking to make a splash. This year, advertisers are paying top dollar for 30-second spots, with some brands shelling out over $7 million per ad.

Melissa McCarthy is singing the praises of, while Miles Teller is dancing for Bud Light. Adam Driver has multiplied himself for Squarespace, and Anna Faris has taken things to the next level – literally – for Avocados From Mexico. Meanwhile, tennis star Serena Williams has two ads of her own, promoting Michelob Ultra and Remy Martin.

This year also sees a number of unexpected stars taking the stage. Jesus Christ, for one, is making an appearance for the “He Gets Us” religious message. And pop culture fans will be thrilled to see beloved characters from Breaking Bad, Clueless, and even Grease popping up in ads for Popcorners, Rakuten, and T-Mobile, respectively.

Some brands are looking to capitalize on popular content by recreating scenes from beloved movies and TV shows. Popcorners has enlisted the help of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, while T-Mobile has brought together John Travolta, Donald Faison, and Zach Braff for a sing-off. Meanwhile, Michelob Ultra has paid homage to Caddyshack by setting its ad at the iconic Bushwood Country Club.

Kansas City Chiefs (Via Kansas City Chiefs/Twitter)

First-time advertisers, too, are trying to make a big splash. FanDuel has hired Rob Gronkowski to attempt a field goal live during an ad, while Limit Break will be giveaway non-fungible tokens to viewers who scan a QR code. And for its first national Super Bowl ad, Molson Coors is asking viewers to bet on aspects of its commercial.

But not everyone is convinced that stunts and gimmicks are the way to go. According to Professor Kim Whitler of the Darden School of Business, while stunts may grab attention, they don’t always translate to positive sales results or brand recognition. In the end, an ad has to communicate something unique and valuable about the brand.

As always, there are always a few surprises to be had. Dunkin’ Donuts has reportedly enlisted the help of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for an ad that will likely be a big hit. And while M&Ms has kept its advertising under wraps, fans are likely to see its candy “spokescharacters” making an appearance during the game. With millions of viewers tuning in, the Super Bowl is the ultimate proving ground for advertisers looking to make a big splash – and this year, they’re pulling out all the stops.

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