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The Taliban’s Crackdown on Female Rights Activists Continues Unabated

Tamana Zaryabi Paryani (Via Tamana Zaryabi Paryani/Twitter)

The Taliban’s brutal suppression of female rights activists in Afghanistan shows no signs of slowing down, with the latest victim being prominent activist Tamana Zaryabi Paryani and her three sisters. On Wednesday night, around 10 armed men claiming to be from the Taliban intelligence department stormed Paryani’s apartment in Kabul, breaking down the door and taking the four sisters away. The raid came just days after Paryani participated in an anti-Taliban protest on Sunday, during which protesters appeared to burn a white burqa, the traditional head-to-toe garment that only leaves a mesh opening for the eyes.

The Taliban has been imposing widespread restrictions on women since taking power in mid-August, including bans on many jobs, restrictions on access to education, and orders to wear the hijab. The organization has been accused of attempting to expel women from public life, including from education and employment. The international community has called on the Taliban to respect the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan, but the organization has shown little indication of relenting.

Paryani’s arrest was preceded by a social media post in which she posted footage of herself, frightened and breathless, screaming for help as the Taliban banged on her door. The footage also showed other female voices in the background, crying. The apartment’s front door was dented and left slightly ajar following the raid, and the occupants of a neighboring apartment ran inside, refusing to talk to reporters.

Tamana Zaryabi Paryani (Via Tamana Zaryabi Paryani/Twitter)

The witness who saw the arrest said the raid took place around 8pm, with the armed men taking Paryani’s sisters away along with her. The Taliban has released a statement blaming the incident on the recent women’s protest, saying that insulting Afghan values would no longer be tolerated. The statement was likely intended to justify the crackdown on women’s rights activists.

The Taliban’s crackdown on female rights activists has been condemned by human rights organizations and governments around the world. The organization’s restrictions on women have been deemed a violation of their human rights, and the international community has urged the Taliban to respect the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. Despite this, the Taliban has shown little indication of relenting, and the situation for female rights activists in Afghanistan remains dire.

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