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A New Era in Diplomacy: Biden Taps Ambassadors for Key Posts

US President Joe Biden (Via Joe Biden/Twitter)

President Joe Biden has recently announced his intention to nominate a slate of ambassadors to key posts around the world, signaling a new era in diplomacy under his administration. Notably, Biden has tapped Jane Hartley, a seasoned diplomat and Democratic fundraiser, to serve as ambassador to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Hartley has a long history of supporting Democratic candidates, including Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, and has previously served as ambassador to France and Monaco during the Obama administration.

In addition to Hartley, Biden has also nominated Alan Leventhal, a major donor and chairman of Beacon Capital, to serve as his envoy to Denmark. Leventhal was a key fundraiser for Biden’s 2020 campaign and is one of several Wall Street bundlers who helped the president raise money for his bid.

The appointments of Hartley and Leventhal reflect Biden’s effort to reward key donors and supporters with sought-after ambassadorships, a tradition that has been followed by presidents of both parties. However, Biden hopes to maintain a lower proportion of political appointments, with an administration official estimating that he aims to keep them to about 30% of ambassador picks.

US President Joe Biden (Via Joe Biden/Twitter)

In other diplomatic appointments, Biden has nominated long-time diplomat and attorney Elizabeth Bagley to serve as ambassador to Brazil. Bagley has extensive experience in the foreign service, having held diplomatic positions in the Clinton and Obama administrations, and previously served as US ambassador to Portugal during the Clinton administration.

Biden has also nominated career senior foreign service officer Alexander Laskaris to serve in Chad. Laskaris is currently serving as a senior adviser in the Bureau of African Affairs at the State Department and has previously held positions as deputy to the commander at the United States Africa Command, ambassador to Guinea, and as deputy chief of mission at the US Embassy in Burundi.

These appointments demonstrate Biden’s commitment to balancing his political obligations with the country’s diplomatic needs, as well as promoting diversity and inclusivity in his appointments. As he begins to shape his diplomatic corps, Biden is looking to combine experience, expertise, and loyalty with a commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

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