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Addressing Race and Abortion, Dan Forest Calls for Unity on MLK Day

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On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, politicians often reflect on America’s ongoing struggles for equality. North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, delivered a speech at a Raleigh church, focusing on race and abortion rights in an unconventional manner, as recorded by Slate.

Forest began by discussing his daughter’s biology project on genetics, linking it to civil rights. He explained how dominant and recessive genes determine traits like skin color, suggesting that race is a genetic variation rather than a fundamental difference. He humorously asked the audience to imagine church attendance based on earlobe attachment to illustrate the absurdity of racial divisions.

Forest emphasized that God created one human race, with Adam and Eve possessing genetic diversity to account for humanity’s varied traits. He criticized those who divide people into political identity groups based on race, arguing this undermines human dignity. “None of us are truly white or black,” he stated, highlighting the diversity even within the audience.

His speech took a controversial turn when he claimed Planned Parenthood was founded to eliminate the black race, a common right-wing assertion. He urged both black and white communities to recognize and combat this threat, despite the complex history of reproductive medicine, eugenics, and race. Forest’s remarks called for unity and courage to stand up for what he believes are God-given ideals, urging all races to march and fight together for justice.

Forest’s speech blends a scientific perspective on race with a political critique of abortion, aiming to unite communities against perceived threats while promoting a vision of genetic and social harmony.

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